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How We Chose the Transplant Center for Me

After an absolutely wonderful escape to Sicily, Robert and I returned home ready to tackle the next big adventure.  Where should I go for the stem cell transplant?  Who will be my donor? Robert, Mom, and I met with Dr. Lawrence Morris of Bone and Marrow Transplant Group of Georgia in Atlanta. This group is… Read More »

These Tired Bones Need a Makeover

After several days of tests and consultations with experts at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, I returned home with a worse-than-expected diagnosis. Here’s the quickie Bad News/Good News version:My bone marrow has gone from over-achievement to under-achievement. Instead of producing too many red blood cells, it is now in the “spent phase” and is not producing enough… Read More »

Let’s Kick It Up a Notch (or more) — to Mayo Clinic

I had a Bone Marrow Biopsy done at Northside Hospital on January 24th. The bone marrow biopsy and aspiration report came back with some news:  lots more reticulan fibers and fibrosis “consistent with post-polycythemic myelofibrosis.”  The report didn’t look good from this patient’s perspective but I was pleased that I wouldn’t have to wait too long… Read More »

Calling All Folks Living with ET, PV, & MF

MPN Upate:The 6th Biennial Joyce Niblack Memorial Conference on Myeloproliferative Neoplasms kicked off today with a great luncheon at Alchemy restaurant in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Bob Niblack ordered perfect weather so we could enjoy an outdoor buffet and meet others in the journey with MPNs.   There are many smiling faces;  this has to be… Read More »