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Transplants of the hematopoietic stem cells to cure more than 70 diseases.

Some Life Lessons Take a Lifetime

Patience and Pacing If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace. If you let go completely, you will know complete peace and freedom. Your struggles with the world will come to an end. ~ Ajahn Chah, A Still… Read More »

Life Saving Eagle Scout Project: Building the Marrow Donor Registry

Tween Saves Lives When the time came for my nephew Patrick to design a project for his Eagle Scout, he decided to take on something that is usually done by adults. He organized a registry drive to get healthy adults to join the National Marrow Donor Registry.  Did I mention he is 12 years old?… Read More »


DONOR NEWS!! I learned this week that my life saving blood stem cell donor is a 22 year old man who lives outside the United States. He has agreed to the stem cell collection schedule my doctor proposed. How cool is that?! Young, healthy stem cells ~ it doesn’t get any better.  As a patient,… Read More »

The Call and The Twitter

The CALL Yesterday afternoon I received “The Call” we’ve been hoping for. I had to pull the car off the road so I could concentrate. It was my stem cell transplant coordinator. She said that there are 2 perfect matching donors (10 for 10 match of HLA tissue sequence) for me. One of them is… Read More »

Beating the Odds Starts with a Swab

When I began this journey 3 months ago, I was pretty confident that one of my four siblings would be my match (a 10 for 10 match of HLA-types; it’s not about matching blood type).  Each had a 25% chance, so wouldn’t 1 of the 4 have to match?   That’s not how probabilities work, I learned. … Read More »

Marina’s Port ~ Reflections on the Experience

It’s in! A PowerPort is now a part of me. Goofy grin courtesy of anesthesia! Glad the head cap matches my shirt, too. I was relieved to learn that they would give me anesthesia before cutting into my chest to place the port and guide the catheter through a large vein (superior vena cava).  While… Read More »

Blood Stem Cell Transplants in the 21st Century

When I first heard about bone marrow transplants, I envisioned the donor getting drilled in the hips for bone marrow extraction (like the bone marrow biopsy and aspiration) and then a surgeon drilling into my large bones to implant the donor marrow. I am happy to say that I was way wrong!In most cases, blood… Read More »

When a Match = Life

I see lots of ads for matching companies —, e-harmony, christian singles… They sell the dream of happiness for life by promising to find your compatible, perfect match.Here is a way to help someone (like me) find a perfect match that saves life — and there are no monthly membership fees:   Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Donation First Fact:A… Read More »