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Let’s Play Medical Pinball!

Apparently, I’m a slow learner.  I believe that when things/people/events show up in one’s life they present opportunities for introspection, learning and growth.  Sometimes it’s to practice patience, listen better, explore other perspectives, remember to be grateful. The latest “opportunity” in my life is arthritis and chronic pain.  I’ve been dealing with increasingly frequent and more… Read More »

URL Pharma Price-Gouging of Colcrys Is a Pain in the Foot

When I had my first gout attacks as a result of my Polycythemia Vera, the doctor prescribed colchicine to provide relief.  Colchicine is a generic drug that is 1,500 years old (it comes from the seeds of the autumn crocus) and was used by the ancient Egyptians and others to reduce inflammation and other pains.… Read More »

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Just when I think I’m managing my “new normal” something unexpected and significant interrupts my well-being.  My hubby asks, “when are the locusts arriving?”This past spring, my toes, feet, fingers, and hands began to behave in a most unusual way:  they would turn red, swell up, and itch like crazy.  It starts with a tingle,… Read More »