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When “Thank you” Feels Small

Have you saved a stranger’s life?  Been that one person at the right time?  Without YOU the stranger’s existence becomes a memory?  I wonder what that feels like. I am the stranger whose life was saved by the actions of a young man across the ocean. Four and a half years ago, my bone marrow went… Read More »

When a Match = Life

I see lots of ads for matching companies —, e-harmony, christian singles… They sell the dream of happiness for life by promising to find your compatible, perfect match.Here is a way to help someone (like me) find a perfect match that saves life — and there are no monthly membership fees:   Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Donation First Fact:A… Read More »

4th Anniversary of my Second Chance

October 14, 2007 — a day as important as my birthday!Four years ago today, Dr. Darryl Tookes quite literally saved my life with his expert emergency surgery. October 14th or 15th could very well have been the date after the dash on my tombstone (if I had one). Dr. Tookes discovered clots in the portal,… Read More »

The Beauty of a Competent, Caring Physician

My kids have heard me say many times, “Never underestimate the power of your smile.  It may be the one nice thing someone receives today.” To physicians, I say “Never underestimate the power of your intentional listening.  It may be the relief your patient needs when there is no cure for what ails them.” I… Read More »

An Open Letter of Gratitude

Now that I am home recuperating and my brain is clear of the anesthesia and other life-saving medications, I need to share my sincere and humble gratitude with all who played a role in saving my life beginning on October 14, 2007. This is no small matter to me and my family. My 13 year… Read More »

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change

This is my focus for the month: achieving change through a change in perspective. My life is very fulfilling — I’m a full-time nonprofit exec, a full-time mom (what mom isn’t!?) and community volunteer and activist. My time is filled with everything… except proper self-care. So this year, as we wait for our referral for… Read More »