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Roaming through Rome

I have the recent good fortune and good health to travel with my hubby to Firenze (Florence), Italy and with our family to Roma (Rome), Italy over the last few weeks.  Florence is a city that’s been on my “bucket list” for years.  To visit both cities within 3 weeks provides an excellent perspective for… Read More »

Paris et Versailles dans le printemps

Our last full day in Paris:  Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 After sleeping in a bit, Robert, Katrina, and Alexander took the train to Versailles.  Since I had visited Versailles with Robert 20 years ago, I didn’t feel the need to go again (how much does the history change, after all?).    Through the magic of… Read More »

Paris in the Springtime, part I

We are all about creating positive memories with and for our kids.  While we´ve tried to be intentional with this all along, the urgency has increased since my close call with the long dirt nap in October, 2007.  Now, living with polycythemia vera and Behcet´s disease, I am reminded every day that each healthy moment is a gift that… Read More »

Middle School Rollercoasters

Living with middle schoolers is like riding a roller coaster. Here’s why: 1. You know the ups and downs are coming, but they still manage to upset your stomach.2. If you don’t strap youself in, you’ll be in for emotional bumps and bruises.3. You feel like raising your hands in the air and screaming out… Read More »

Define "Homework"

I obviously neglected to read the entire parenting syllabus before my kids became teenagers. In fact, the older they became, the more lax I was in reading up on all their developmental milestones. I didn’t start out that way. I read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and “Your Pregnancy Week by Week” from cover… Read More »

May flowers bring more than Pilgrims…

The kids are not allowed to post a countdown to the last day of school, but many parents are doing the counting for them (yes, that would be me!). Year end projects and final exams coupled with Spring Fever make an exhausting combination. Then toss in the end of baseball season, ballet/jazz rehearsals and performances,… Read More »

When is a Crepe a Crepe?

The school year… It’s 10:30 p.m. and I’m making crepes for my daughter’s French class. “We can’t buy them, mom — they’re SUPPOSED to be homemade!” Well now the pressure is on. I make great pancakes the old fashioned way — add some water to a bisquick container, shake, and pour. Crepes are not as… Read More »

The Wait Continues in 2008…

The journey to build our family through international adoption is turning out to be much longer than we anticipated. It is January, 2008 and the CCAA has not made any matches and referrals for families whose dossiers were submitted in 2006 yet! We started the paperchase in March, 2006 and finally got our dossier sent… Read More »