My Life Saver is Revealed

By | August 18, 2015

A week and a half after my 2nd “re-birthday,” the MUD (Matched Unrelated Donor) Transplant Coordinator from Northside Hospital phoned me.
“I have the information about your donor. Would you like me to email it to you?” Dana asked. “YES, please!!! [shriek here]” I responded. And then I promptly hung up the phone. Oops!

I ran to my computer and in her email was the ‘consent to contact’ form that my donor completed in Germany. I stared at it as tears ran down my face.
Now what?

I got those blind date jitters. Yes, I had a couple of those before I met Robert. That was also before the internet’s dating websites, Google, Tinder, and others.

What do I write to him? How much is enough? Too much? Don’t babble. Don’t overpower with enthusiasm. Things get lost in translation.
I sent a brief (for me) email introducing myself and as the woman whose life he saved on July 26, 2013. I said I’d like to meet him sometime and thought he may want to learn more about me. I shared links to Facebook, this site, and my CaringBridge page.

I texted my family and close friends the news. Wolfie’s real name is Christian!
When we figured out my stem cell donor was from Germany, my kids called him “Wolfgang” because that sounded like a good German name. And “Wolfie” became his nickname.

Then I waited. And waited. And kept checking my email.
The next day, he became my Facebook ‘friend’ and sent me a nice message. We’ll start with Facebook.
Great idea!

So I announced on Facebook that my life saving stem cell donor is now my Facebook friend. The beauty of Facebook is that by typing his name in my status update, he can read all the comments from my friends. That post got 180 “likes” and 50 “comments” of thanks from family and friends. His given name is Christian. Now we are beginning to share messages to get to know one another. I’m determined to learn some German so he doesn’t have to do all the hard work in our communication.

This young man can have more American Facebook friends than he’d ever imagined!

I hope we will be able to meet in person one day.
Life is good!

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