Tips to Deal with Chronic Illness

Ways to Deal with Common Frustrations of Chronic, Invisible Illnesses

Science hasn’t caught up with us yet.


1.   Many intelligent, determined people are working on our diseases and treatments. And they are making progress.

  1. Keep a calendar log/journal of your symptoms and labs over time. This will be helpful to notice trends and changes to share with your physician.


Uncertainty Can be All-Consuming.


1.   There really is no certainty in life, only expectations of reliability.

  1. Science is learning more about the genetics of the disease and its progression.
  1. Live each day with joy; Do what is important; Ignore pettiness.


Feeling Out of Control

Remember:      Focus on what I can control to improve my quality of life:

  1. I CAN… Control my attitude (stay positive)
  2. I CAN… Control what I eat – does it help my ill body or hurt it?
  3. I CAN… Control what I drink – drink more water, less sugar, alcohol
  4. I CAN… Move my body as much as possible every day. Some days are better than others.
  5. I CAN… Maintain a regular sleep pattern.
  6. I CAN… get my sleep apnea tested and treated!


New health problems occur.

1.   We are whole beings, so other things will happen over time.

  1. Yet we look at illness through the lens of our chronic illness. The challenge is determining if a new symptom is a result of the disease, a medication, or something else.
  2. Confer with other patients for feedback, suggestions.


Fatigue and Foggy Brain

Remember:      You are in good company!

  1. Try meditation every morning before you start your day for one month.
  2. Be kind to yourself. Post reminders where you need them.
  3. Remember to re-calibrate your definition of success as your energy shifts.
  4. Treat your energy like gold – spend it wisely! (check out